Buriram to arrange Southern Academy Trial Tour


Buriram United will arrange southern regional academy trial for second consecutive year in the project of “Buriram United Academy Trial Tour 2018” starts in Narathiwas province on Saturday 4, August 2018.


Thunder Castle’s executives and officials from academy leading by Mr.Jose Alves Borges, Head of Youth Development Program and his staff will travel to Narathiwas in next week for recruiting talented boys who dreamed to be professional footballer in 4 categories including U-11 (born in 2007 or 2008), U-12 (born in 2006), U-13 (born in 2005) and U-14 (born in 2004) on Saturday 4, August 2018 from 07.00 hrs. until 10.00 hrs. first group of trial will start at 09.00 hrs.


All applicants must bring one copy of Thai identification card (monochrome or colored color) as well as two of 1.5 inches color photos. Please be advise that  there is no application fee or any kind of financial expenses for this trial.


For further information please contact to Marketing Department of Buriram United Football Club at +66817054454 or www.buriramunited.com and official Facebook fan page of Buriram United as well as Buriram United Academy.

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