Bosko hopes Buriram to keeps on track till the end


Bozidar Bandovic expects his players will remain their positive result until the end of season after 2-1 home victory against Suphanburi FC on Saturday and send his gratefulness to everyone who pray for the disaster in Greece.


Greek head coach said. “Firstly, I have to give deep condolence to the victims of disaster in Greece it caused many fatalities. Greece is my second home. I played and worked there for many years. I hope this will be the last time and wish everything will be settled down quickly”.


“Today I would like to thanks to my players, they run a lot”.


Bosko added. “I always support to them and they are supporting me for this time due to the incident in Greece. We got important three points today against Suphanburi because they prepared well for this match. We suppose to score more than one in first half then we conceded a goal from counter attacking in the second half but we controlled the game after we scored second goal and win the game”.


Regarding to the question about number of trophies for Buriram to win this season, Bosko said. “Yes we have big gap in the league now but we cannot underestimate anyone. I never expect that when we will win the league but I want to win day by day. Last year we win the league with 86 points which is the highest point for us. From now we need to prepare ourself and make the less mistake.

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