Buriram launches E-Sport team with global target


Buriram United announces E-Sport professional team for new business part and aim for promoting to global level.


Mr.Newin Chidchob, president of Buriram United insists professional football still be the main business of company while E-Sport will support the new commercial part and want to launch it to global level.


“Football is the main business of Buriram United and today we announce another professional sport team, it is E-Sport.” Newin said. “We strongly believe that E-Sport can expand our reputation to another part of people outside of football. People will limitless and borderless recognized Buriram United because E-Sport have big fan base. There are more than ten million people who recognize E-Sport and we are number twenty of the world, Thirty billion baht circulating fund in this business and this part of business is growing during couple of the years.”


“This business is growing quickly and have big fan base same as football or maybe bigger so how we can make this people to recognize Buriram United because we want to bring these people to be our fan base” Newin added. “We are researching, developing and brainstorming our idea to manage on this matter as well as marketing promotion. We want to make our E-Sport as the best practice. Our Buriram E-Sport merchandising must have their own character and attracted to all people”


For more information regarding to Buriram United E-sport at www.BuriramUnited.com


Facebook : www.facebook.com/BuriramUnitedEsports


Youtube : Buriram United Esports


Twitter : @BuriramEsports


Intagram : @BuriramEsports

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