Bosko praise to Buriram spirit following FA Cup victory


Bozidar Bandovic hails on determination of Buriram United players after great 3-1 victory at Thai Port in Chang FA Cup Quarter on Wednesday, 1 August 2018.


“Obviously we are better team than them today we deserved to go to next stage after we scored all three goals since first half.” Bosko said. “Thai Port fight against us only first 15 minutes after that it is our turn. This is another match that we are better side. However Thai Port also makes this match more exciting.”


“My players did well during eight months of this year but as a coach my job is not finish yet.” 48-year-old coach added. “We still have many games to come and we have to come here again in next four days. It is not easy to play against the same team in two matches but we did it once we play with Bangkok United. We have a hard work to do and finally I would like to thanks to our fans who come to support us today.

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