Bosko praise player for completed expectation


Bozidar Bandovic feels so proud on his players after 4-1 victory against Ubon UMT United in Toyota League Cup quarter final round on Wednesday.


Greek head coach gives his fully admiration  to Buriam United players after advancing to semi final round of League Cup campaign by trashing Ubon UMT United at Chang Arena on 8 August 2018.


“I am very happy for the victory today after we work so hard for 8 months from beginning of season. We played 42 games until now” Bosko said. “I used more than 90 percent of players in my squad this season. They did well for their goal to get 3 titles so I give all credit to them.”


“I am not satisfied for out performance in first 25 minutes”. 48-year-old coach added. “Anyway we did very well after that we deserve to win this match because we are much more better than them so we scored many goals in second half and we are all happy at the end.”


“We are big club but we have to respect our opponents” Bosko answered to the question about to get all 3 titles for this season. “We need to concentrate in each match because we need to win against ourself first. I strongly believe that my player will complete their expectation in this season.

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